Re moi

Welcome to drifter regalia, the super-edited version of my life!

A self-taught amateur artist/writer/nobody, I existed as an online drifter for many years before finally deciding to end the peripatetics. After a few failed attempts to settle down in the Blogosphere (see iKzut and Blogspot drifter regalia), I finally found peace in WordPress. As the drifterqueen of drifter regalia, I’m now focusing on the development of my own domain. However, I do still enjoy bumming drifting around online. (I prefer the word ‘drifting’ because it sounds like I own a race car. Which I drive. All over the Internet. *whee*)

drifter regalia was created to show off be an outlet for my weird mix of interests, such as: the art of small talk, people-watching, fashion, movies, drawing, photography, books, web-comics, and writing about all the above. As it is, practicing the art of small talk will pretty much be my mantra for writing…or maybe not. Large talk, anyone?

Inserting this xkcd comic made sense in theory. But I'm too lazy to take it down.

2 thoughts on “Re moi”

  1. Hey, this is Athifah. Just got home from college and I rushed to my computer to have a quick scan of your blog. What can I say, not bad, Elizabeth. I don’t appreciate the artsy stuff that much but I do like your writing style! Should update regularly! Anyways, you got yourself a new reader!

    • WOW thanks! :D I didn’t expect you to check me up so fast ^_^
      Haha…my ‘artsy’ stuff doesn’t always agree with everyone, but do give me feedback! I like to draw almost anything, so suggestions are quite welcome ;) I’m so glad you like my writings…it’s encouraging to know there are readers! *happydance* I’ll try to update more often, if I have the time *nopromises* Just remember to tip before you leave…oops, I mean comment ^_~

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