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I’ve tried to pare down my list of resolutions to the bare minimum this year. This was difficult, as I tend to get them confused with my to-do list and thus write out too many resolutions to actually keep ;P Anyways, I finally solved the problem by creating two separate lists. I also jotted down the “rewards” of keeping each of my resolutions: This will serve as a reminder as to why I even bother doing this ENCOURAGEMENT. I’m determined to keep them all!

Here’s to 2012!! ^_^


Study an hour a day. DON’T FREAK OUT ON ME DAD (I know you’re reading this!) My study time ranges from 6-8 hours on regular days. But I’m trying to study everyday, and I tend to forget about the time once I’m really into the textbook. So, yeah, I like playing mind games with myself. Weird, much?

Reward: I won’t have a ♥ attack every time I get called on in class.

Keep blogging. I know, I hardly need to be making this a resolution as I’ve been reasonably consistent with my 4 posts a month mantra. However, exams are coming up soon, and this is to remind me to create content well ahead of time.

Reward: I’m hoping this pressure will help substitute focused blogging for mindless drifting on the internet. Plus, with all the studying I need to do, methinks my little bloggy habit will help keep me SANE.

11pm bedtime on school nights. Believe me, 11pm is a huge improvement. I especially like how the last three words sound like a caveat. (It’s not. But don’t tell my brain that.)

Reward: Makes me more productive in the morning; Kicks my caffeine addiction; Gets rid of dark under-eye circles.

Keep a planner. I love planners. Blank ones. But I’m determined to fully utilize them this year.

Reward: Better time organization. Plus, I’ll know how many days are left till the world ends…oops, I mean, till my exams.

Work out 5 minutes a day. I usually get excited about exercise only 5 minutes AFTER I start. I figure that instead of terrifying myself with the thought of a daily workout, I’ll trick myself into doing it instead – by making it sound TOO easy. (Even if this doesn’t work out, I’ll still enjoy the torturous mind games. TMI?)

Reward: Makes my body work better, makes my body FEEL better…and makes me feel better about my body :D Plus, it helps me sleep at night!


  • Crack the denim code. I need a pair of jeans for family vacation. We’re visiting a lot of theme parks this year. (Oh, the joys of having a huge age gap among siblings ;)
  • Comment on more blogs I like. I’m shy, so this will be hard.

Congrats if you made it all the way to the end. As a reward, you get a magical unicorn! *sprinklesrainbows* However, since there are no such things as magical unicorns, you basically get nothing ^_~

Oh wait…Here you go! :D