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Apologies for missing last week’s post. I’m back in Penang for the holidays and didn’t bring my laptop for the ride. With everyone (including my geeky, Unix-obsessed dad WHO I KNOW IS READING THIS) at home for Christmas, there wasn’t a computer to spare for my little bloggy habit. That is, not one that could sustain my love of Photoshopping sorcery. *magicalsparkles* Anyways, I finally got my grabby hands on one unattended machine, so here’s a picture-heavy post to make up for all that.

The above photos were taken last weekend. I’d spent a lazy afternoon with my sister at the flea market held at Straits Quay. It’s one of my favourite places in Penang. There, I was weirdly fascinated by a stall that was COMPLETELY OWL-THEMED (as if I needed to bold that.) According to the stall-owner, she’d sourced them from all over the world. Cue the jaw drop of awe. She was also a darling about graciously ignoring my whole camera-snapping thing :D

Anyways, scroll down for more hyperglycaemia-inducing eye-candy. Mouse-over any photos for my completely unnecessary commentary and all that.

Hope you wonderful people had a MERRY CHRISTMAS! ^_^

PS: I’ll be doing an extra out-of-routine post on New Year’s. Here’s to 366 days of a brand new 2012! *confetti*