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Previously, I’d noted my problem with khaki shirts: they make me look like a wildlife documentary host! Some lovely readers then suggested a few possible solutions. Inspired, I ventured to explore the styling options of a khaki shirt via Polyvore. The result? A few solutions to avoiding the Steve Irwin-ian look ^_^ (However, none of said solutions exist in my own wardrobe -_-)

Enjoy my Polyvore suggestions and Instylesque commentary! :D

This hovers dangerously close to steampunk territory. But I think the clean lines help balance it out. Plus, the repetition in the details help with the overall cohesion.

Gold and khaki make for old school glamor. But the flowing lines of the shirt and the shortness of the skirt keeps it relaxed. The mint-green accents make it fresh.

One of the comments in the previous post suggested I go for the "Girl Scout" look. I decided to make like a hipster and go for irony: Nothing says "Girl Scout" like berets, cookies, and the Cookie Monster! This shirt is 100% cookie inspiration. *MEWANTS*

The brocade on this Vivienne Westwood skirt was just screaming DECORATED OFFICER.

Lastly, but not leastly - a homage to the Crocodile Hunter! :D Khaki shirts are synonymous with wildlife documentaries for a reason, after all, so perhaps I should just stop fighting it...*embracesconcept* I'm loving the "urban huntress" vibes of this look ;) *EDIT: I just realized the irony of using a leather skirt in a homage to Wildlife Warrior Steve Irwin >.< I'm not against wearing leather (I'm an evil non-hypocrite. Yay me ;P) ...but this is clearly inappropriate. Let's just pretend it's faux, ok? *self-loathing*

Hope you enjoyed my Polyvore efforts ^_^

Please let me know which one is your favorite and why! (It’s for my own personal shopping-research purposes ;)

***Special thanks to lovely reader Levisque for the fun “Girl Scout” idea + helpful tulip skirt tip!! :D***

Confession/Attribution of Inspiration: This was inspired by a post from one of my favorite bloggers, Maja Piraja. She, with the help of the lovely Maria, did a gorgeous Polyvore post about “How to wear a beige skirt”. Unfortunately, I didn’t (and still don’t) own a beige skirt. I do remember comment-complaining about how I had a lot of khaki in my wardrobe though. Hence, the conception of inspiration – and a post was born :D

Hope you don’t mind, Maja >.<