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Not too long ago, the lovely, generous Lindsay K of UN PETIT BIJOU hosted a giveaway of the most gorgeous fashion tome I’d ever seen: Balenciaga and Spain.

It was a giveaway open to readers WORLDWIDE and the winner was to be drawn at random.

Don’t you think that’s amazing?? Think about it. How many bloggers do you know hold worldwide giveaways? Lindsay K, I salute your amazing generosity *salutes* It is surpassed only by your even more amazing sense of style.

I took part in that fantastic giveaway, of course. But I didn’t mention it on my blog before because…*ididn’twanttojinxit* >.< So many of her loyal readers took part that I didn’t think I had a chance.

But guess who won that beautiful book?

Now, I want to be mature and reserved and gracious about this. Especially since I didn’t do anything to deserve it.


I can’t believe it, I really can’t! I don’t deserve this, I really don’t! But! I! Actually! Won! I know I’m babbling, but I’m JUST SO HAPPY AND EXCITED!! :D This is the first giveaway I’ve ever won! And such a lovely giveaway it is!!


It’s amazing bloggers like you who make the Internet a better, more wonderful place!

Here’s to the gracious Lindsay K and her wonderful gem of a blog Un Petit Bijou :D Please become her loyal readers and give her all your support (so that she’ll host more amazing giveaways *coughs*).

I really don’t know how to express my gratitude enough. As of now, I’m still in a state of SHOCK. This is just so overwhelming and incredible. I’m just her humble reader and I totally don’t deserve it but I. WON. THE. GIVEAWAY. *squeals* I can’t wait to curl up and INHALE that breathtaking book of sartorial inspiration! I’ll be sure to tell you guys all about it! ^_~

A/N: I just found out today and was so excited about blogging this piece of news that I haven’t even emailed Lindsay K my address yet ;P To the gmail mobile! :D