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With profiles, it’s difficult to capture the soul of the sitter. The main reason being that the eyes are the “windows” of the soul – and profiles just don’t show enough of them O_O However, even if I were to try a three-quarter view, my attempt to portray mood through fact would probably still be limited by my current obsession with trying to draw what I see. But I’m determined to get it right…one day ^_^ After all, as Ansel Adams put it:

There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.

Edit: Regarding the title: I’m sorry about not posting for so long, so here’s a picture to show that I’m not dead yet :)

Edit #2: I wrote this post in-between classes. Hence the rambling. I wanted to make a coyly vague observation about the sitter (who has one of the straightest noses I’ve ever seen – What? No, of course I’m not jealous *totallie* ) but ended up writing about myself instead. Narcissism acting up and all that. (I’m blogging. It happens.)