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I usually find it difficult to draw people who wear glasses. This is because (i) drawing straight lines make me dizzy, and (ii) the glasses usually obscure the eyes, especially when it comes to profiles.

My cheat code? Most of the time, I’ll just wheedle them into taking the glasses off. No glasses = no problem. This method somewhat backfired for me when I drew this portrait. Most profile sketches usually take only half an hour. This sketch took me twice as long. (I’m still not sure why…and I’ll spare you the excuses.)

Despite spending an hour of sketching, erasing, and re-sketching…everyone pointed out that the sketch looked nothing like her. Desperate, I added the glasses. Bingo. Instant recognition.

Oh, well. At least it draws attention to her lovely high cheekbones. (Which was what I wanted to capture anyway ;)

Perhaps my cheat code could do with a little modification…

(1) Confiscate glasses

(2) Sketch profile

(3) Return confiscated glasses

(4) Sketch glasses in (with a little discreet re-angling to ensure that they don’t obscure anything important. Blithely ignore the “draw what you see” mantra.)

(5) Show off. Post on blog (with permission) ^_~