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Today was absolute *bleep*. I had to go shopping. Any mention of this activity is normally a cause for carnal celebration, but not today. Today was full of nothing but *bleeping* ANGST AND DESPAIR. My favorite store has closed down, and I am convinced that they did so for the sole purpose of making me SAD. The mall had nothing but overpriced *bleep* that wasn’t worth purchasing. WHY ARE YOU SO SHINY YOU ARE HURTING MY *BLEEPING* EYES. I couldn’t get the book I needed (NEEDED! TO FULFILL HIGHER PURPOSES OF THE *BLEEPING* ACADEMIC VARIETY!). In fact, the staff cheerfully informed me that they’d sold the last copy yesterday (*BLEEP!*). Plus, the next shipment would be in THREE *BLEEPING* MONTHS.

And then my brother showed me this video:

And now the world is full of rainbow sprinkled unicorn glittershit andI just can’t stop smiling ^_^


Edit: In retrospect, this post sucked. (And so does self-censorship. There. I said it out loud.) The only thing in it that doesn’t suck belongs to Youtube. I want to strangle myself. Who rants while practicing self-censorship anyway?? -_-“