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 Here’s a packing post, as promised :D

I got this makeup bag as a gift from a friend (no prize ponies for guessing the brand). However, since I don’t own any makeup (SHOOT ME, SHOOT ME NOW), I used the bag to store my accessories instead. It was really handy for transporting my stuff all the way to Kuala Lumpur! It kept everything snug and secure for the entire bumpy trip.

The bag came in a neat, sweet size: roughly 6 in. x 8 in. To give you an idea of how awesome it is, I managed to fit in:

  • Eighteen necklaces
  • Sixteen rings
  • Five bracelets (Seven, actually, if you would consider my eternity bangles to be three separate entities ;)
  • Five pairs of earrings

(This list does not reflect the actual size of my collection. I had to leave quite a number of pieces at home. YES IT’S SAD. EXCUSE ME FOR INVESTING IN LE BLING-BLING RATHER THAN VINTAGE T-SHIRTS FEATURING BANDS YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF.)

This is what it looks like inside:

Makeup bags are great for storing accessories, because there’s so many separate little compartments in them. I especially like the fact that this bag came with straps that keep everything secure and in place. An important feature for fragile accessories. ^_^ Man, I love this bag. It’s taken the best parts of my suitcase and made them TINY ;)

I especially liked this brown compartment/pouch.
It’s about the size of a paperback! :D

This is what it looks like when open. It has four mesh zippered compartments.

Plus two more at the sides! (Making it a total of six compartments in a single pouch :)

I find this pouch especially useful for storing flat statement necklaces. And, yes, those are the cute foam pieces I was talking about (RECTANGLES ARE CUTE, RIGHT?? ;)

The other compartments/pouches aren’t built-in with awesome, but they’re useful, nonetheless.

I store my rings in tiny pouches, which I then store in the huge mesh bag. It keeps them from moving around and destroying one another :)

Altogether, it has a total of four removable pouches. The pouch on the far left is designed for holding makeup brushes. This makes it handy for storing bracelets and the like.

But even when it’s empty, there’s still straps and a handy mesh net to keep things in place. I guess I could probably use it as a regular handbag as well (Don’t look at me like that!). It’s the perfect size for my sketchbooks, after all ;)

A/N: Yeah, no more mouse-over captions. Nobody reads ’em, anyway ;P

A/N #2: Yes, these photos were taken pre-KL trip. Good intentions to post and all that :) I figured I might as well use them, as I still can’t find an ideal spot for shooting in my new place.