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Wow. Five days without a post. But that’s not long enough for the requisite sorry-I-haven’t-posted-for-ages trite apology ^_^ *amIinsincereorwhat*

But I guess my absence does merit a few flimsy excuses :) *brightsmile*

  1. I’ve spent the past few days preparing for and moving from Penang to Kuala Lumpur (KL) to facilitate the continuation of my higher-level education (This place is, like, the capital and that information is supposed to elicit your wows coz of its general big deal-ness).
  2. There were good intentions to post. Really. I wanted to break the news gently, the way a butterfly flaps its wings in the breeze (and causes storms and stuff). But a whole lot of last-minute-crap came up and I ended up not posting at all.
  3. To make up for it, I will do a few posts on my fantastic packing techniques. That is, how I managed to fit all my wardrobe staples into a single carry-on luggage. Plus, there will be one post exclusively dedicated to the paraphernalia necessary to packing accessories. It will feature cute foam pieces and awesome storage units. ^o^
  4. Life at my new college starts on Saturday. I’m spending most of my time staring into space and vibrating with fear (of the unknown). And NOT posting.
  5. My condition is being remedied by reading Tavi Gevinson’s new RookieMag. And totally identifying with this and this and this… (STILL NOT POSTING).
  6. Instead of posting, I procrastinated even more tonight, by drinking powdered ice lemon tea which, according to my brother, tastes like insecticide. *yum* The chemicals in said wonderful drink is now making me type 10% slower than usual because…uh, because it is making me type 10% slower than usual. (And making me think slower as well. Tautology rocks! *idon’tknowwhyijustsaidthat*)
  7. Most of my precious posting time was also spent choosing one of the many photos I snapped on the plane, thus further delaying me from posting. In the end, I decided on this lovely, threadbare shot of the wing of said plane. Because such an IMPERSONAL photo is undeniable, irrefutable PROOF that I sat on said plane for my flight to KL. ^_^
The End.
Is Near.
Announcement: I’m busy settling in right now. Plus, classes commence on Saturday. *yay* Just so you know that I might not have the time to post as frequently as you and I would like.
In fact, I’ll probably be limiting my posts to once a week. So take out your hankies and wave bye-bye till then ^_~
The End.
For Real.