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My neighbor kindly let me take these photos from his window. He has a really great view! And, yes, I live near a Chinese cemetery. And I’m proud of it ^_^

Although Chinese superstition dictates that cemeteries are bad luck, I think otherwise. I feel lucky to be able to live near such a wide, verdant space. It’s one of the few places in Georgetown where there’s greenery as far as the eye can see.

The sunny scenery was especially beautiful today, as contrasted from the rainy week before. Any view, no matter how interesting, does get dreary when it’s constantly obscured by curtains of rain.

Last week's photo: It. Rained. Constantly. As you can see, there's even a tiny flood in the background.

Later on, I also managed to shoot a cow. (I took it down in two shots *snappity-snap* ;)

Although the photographed scene below is a common sight in Penang, most people think it strange. Even other Malaysians find it a tad surprising. I guess Penang is one of the few places on Earth where you can find Indian cows grazing docilely in a Chinese cemetery with palm fronds a-waving in the background.

I love Malaysia.

No one's complaining about it. I guess that's Malaysia for you ^_^

In any case, this post was not only written to celebrate the return of our usual warm, calm weather.

It’s to celebrate Hari Merdeka as well ^_~ Happy Merdeka!