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I can only invent by drawing on what other, brilliant people have written that I can’t write or articulate as brilliantly, and when I read it, it becomes my own.

-Carey Mulligan on creating her role as Nina in “The Seagull”.

I’ve never understood why do some people create blog posts that consist of little more than a single quotation (or, worse, a collection of quotations). Plus, unlike Mulligan, they’re completely lacking in self-awareness.

If you’re not going to create anything, why bother to post at all? It only shows you up as someone completely lacking in originality. Hey, if I wanted to see a collection of trite ‘inspiration’ quotes, I’d visit the nearest bookstore for motivational posters.

I came to your blog to see your unique work. Not some generic, threadbare, inspiration crap.

Let me be crystal: I’m not completely against the usage of quotes (look, this post even starts with one). What I’m against is having an entire freakin’ blog post consisting of little more than borrowed words. It’s insulting. It conveys the message that I’m an undiscerning idiot who will gratefully lap up whatever crap you deign to post up. (This is the part where you snigger derisively at said idiot who is currently looking for alternative reading material.)

If you want to post up a bunch of quotes, fine. At least enlighten us, your loyal readers, on why you chose those particular quotes. Expound. Maybe you’re embarking on a new venture. Maybe you’re experiencing a paradigm shift. Maybe you’re high on caffeine and this quote made sense to you… Maybe you hate the quote and wish to deconstruct it. Or maybe you wanted to be witty and self-aware and go LOOK EVERYBODY I’M BEING SO ORIGINAL HA HA HA. I’ll laugh with you.

But as Michael Corleone put it: “Just don’t insult my intelligence.”

Quotations do not a blog post make.

A/N: On an unrelated note, I drank 5 cups of caffeinated liquid today. Or maybe it was 6. I kinda lost count…and I’m not sure anymore why I’m telling you this but it seemed the responsible thing to do… Oh, wait. Too late ^_^