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I used two different gold glitter polishes for this manicure. This was due to my being inspired by the gold hiramakie in Japanese lacquerware. I wanted the gold flakes to appear to be inlaid in the ‘lacquer’ (okay, nail polish ;). By using two different shades of gold, I hoped to convey ‘depth’ in the way the glitter was suspended in the polish.

OF COURSE, I EPIC FAILED. (OPI should make a HIRAMAKIE nail polish instead of all that over-done Crackle crap -_-) However, I’m still pretty happy with it ^_^ (Everything’s better with sparkles, right?) Plus, I learned that if your shade of nail polish is rich enough, most people can’t tell whether you’re using brown or red… *brown* ;P

Here’s an example of the effect I was going for:

Looking at this beautiful picnic box (YES, IT IS A PICNIC BOX >.< I CAN’T BELIEVE IT EITHER.), I can’t believe how I DIDN’T REALIZE THAT MY MANICURE WAS DOOMED FROM THE START. Oh, well. -_-

According to my sister, my manicure looks more like this:

Chocolate with nuts. Yay, me -_- (Well, that at least explains why I keep having the urge to bite my nails these days… *yum* ;)

Edit: Okay, I take back what I said about OPI. Who needs OPI when there’s Nfu Oh? This brilliant polish takes hiramakie to infinity and beyond…purply futuristic awesomeness. ^o^