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As promised, here’s one of the shopping finds from my Straits Quay Weekend Market jaunt. Y’know how I said I was gravitating to “smaller, more personal pieces of jewelry“? Well, I lied. This is the big, jangly bracelet that I’ve always dreamed of. I know it definitely fulfills the above all-important criteria coz I asked one of my shopping buddies for the all-important shopping-buddy-confirmation:

Me:”Whaddya think of this bracelet?” :D

SB:”Um…no comment.” -_-

Me: “Is it big and jangly?” *crazyeyes*

SB: “…Yes, yes it is.” *sweatdrop* *backsawayslowly*

According to the stall-owner, she put it together herself, so it’s *sorta* handmade. I bought it for only MYR 18 (after some haggling, she gave me a MYR 1 discount :) However, I still got flak for buying it. Apparently (i.e.: according to parents), this bracelet is an over-priced piece of junk. Well, I don’t think so.


*My* bracelet is kinda inexpensive if you compare it to this:

This safari themed bracelet from Accessorize costs GBP 12.00! Which, according to the current exchange rate, is MYR 58.54!! That is 3.25 times the price I paid for my butterflies! Do you think think this Accessorize bracelet is 3.25 times cuter than *my* butterfly bracelet?? (Okayyy, that’s debatable -_-) Plus, *my* bracelet is unique! (It’s *sorta* handmade, remember?) That said, *my* purchase gets me more cuteness/uniqueness per Ringgit (MYR) than the Accessorize bracelet would’ve gotten! (This only makes sense if you’re infected with the Mad Shopping Disease like yours truly.)


A/N: This was supposed to be a fluffy post, but I still felt so guilty about making this *unnecessary* purchase that it ended up as incoherent, illogical babbling instead. -_- I’m sorry. (BUT I’M STILL NOT SORRY FOR BUYING THIS BRACELET, MOM. *whee*)