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I went to Penang’s Straits Quay Weekend Market with my friends today. It was super sunny and breezy, so the atmosphere was really nice! However, the weekend market wasn’t that much bigger than the flea market *pouts*. It was mostly the stalls from the flea market + a few more stalls. But its smallness may be due to the fact that we were visiting the weekend market pretty late (5.30pm) on the last day it was open (It was open 6-7th August 10am-10pm). Perhaps there would’ve been more stalls open if we’d visited it early on the first day? Anyways, I found lots of pretty things to buy, so I’m not too disappointed. Not disappointed at all, in fact ;)

Why you should go: The Straits Quay Weekend Market is pretty small – only about 30 stalls (?) However, they do sell some cute handmade merchandise (see my pics!). Plus, the entire market is covered, so you can shop at leisure in the shade. Overall, it’s worth a look: It’s a great place to pass the time in Penang – if only to enjoy the lovely, laid-back ambiance of a by-the-sea market. (When you’ve seen enough of the market, there’s always Straits Quay itself providing a myriad of choice restaurants and shops!) Go to the Straits Quay website for details on when the next weekend/flea market will be held :)

Okayyy, I’d love to chat (tea, cake, the whole shebang…) But now’s the time for my preeeetty pictures to take center stage ^_^ (Mouse-over the pictures for my commentary!)

I really enjoyed my little jaunt at Straits Quay Weekend Market (and, no, I’m not being paid by Straits Quay to write this ;). My pictures’ commentary was a bit hyper cause I hadn’t seen so much cute stuff all together in one place for such a long time! (I need to go shopping more often T_T) However, since this post is so freakin’ long (17 pictures = 17,000 words!?), my lovely shopping finds will have to be featured in a separate blogpost… So you can look forward to seeing more preeetty pictures next time! ^_~