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    • Author: Amy Chua
    • Published elsewhere as: Parenting by Yale Law Professor: Raising Kids in America (Chinese Translation)
    • How I got it: Library.
    • My Rating: 3/5 stars.

If you’re looking for an in-depth discussion on the controversy surrounding this book then you’ve come to the wrong blog. To tell the truth, this book failed to shock me, mainly because (i) I’m not unfamiliar with ‘Tiger Mother’ style parenting and (ii) thanks to excerpts from publications such as the Wall Street Journal, I’d already read the more ‘shocking’ parts of the book. (Premature mental prep is evil, no?)

The only thing I found shocking was: Why did it take so long for a book like this to come out? (And what does that implyyy??) In any case, note how I SKIRT THE CONTROVERSY by writing a lot of totally RANDOM (yes, random! Which is every blogger’s my favorite word!) thoughts that sprinted across my mind.

My list of 7 RANDOM thoughts on this book (totaling exactly 100 words because I feel anal today):

  1. It reminded me of a lot of good and bad things from my own childhood and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing? ^_^
  3. The discussion on how Disney movies portray overachievers was funny and enlightening (mainly because I have no idea what Disney movie she was referencing).
  4. The author’s daughters are better writers than she is.
  5. I want to read her daughters’ memoirs.
  6. I want to hear her daughters perform.
  7. I want to know what she would’ve titled this book if she had been born in, say, the Year of the Goat instead.


What, you can’t even formulate your own opinion after reading seven measly sentences? (Yes, that was sarcasm. You’re supposed to laugh because it’s not funny (!)) Well, for what it’s worth, this book can get pretty hilarious and even if it doesn’t make you laugh, it does makes a great conversation piece. (BECAUSE EVERYONE FORGETS HOW TO DO SMALL TALK ONCE IN A WHILE.)

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