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I’ve been seeing so much about Polyvore that I finally decided to give it a go. And…yeah, it’s pretty obvious that this is my first time using it. I think I got carried away. It was a real pleasure to use – practically addictive, actually. (Like scrap-booking! Without the mess! *whee*) Anyways, this Polyvore set pretty much sums up my current style.

Most of my outfits revolve around the accessories. I’m not averse to a bit of bling (*ka-chow!*), but this season there’s a certain gravitation to smaller, more personal pieces of jewelry. Charms and symbols are my mantra, though I’m not above the perfect pair of gold hoop earrings. *wink*

My obsession with denim skirts pretty much started when I realized that I was allergic to jeans (the pants, not the cloth). The solution was pretty obvious since I’m really into comfy, flowy skirts. A few months ago, I was ecstatic when I found three cotton denim skirts on sale…and they’ve been my summer uniform ever since. I couldn’t find an exact Polyvore lookalike, so I settled for putting a combination of textures and designs together. The texture of the denim skirt + the design of the belted skirts…aanndd….you get the idea :)

I have a brother who’s really into military gear. He’s a bit of a purist who emphasizes on the efficient practicality of the clothes (he hates all pseudo-military-inspired fashion). That pretty much explains the very practical cap (a gift from him) and men’s boots (he has an identical pair). The backpack was a compromise (a gift from Mom *thanksmom!*). Although I realize there’s an inherent geekiness about backpacks, I figure that snatch-thieves will think twice before making me a target (or maybe I’m just being optimistic…).

I’m not too sure what’s the best description for my style… the most I can muster is the basic recipe…

SUMMER STYLE by drifterqueen:

  1. Take 1 serving of Romantic.
  2. Add a generous dose of Edge (to Taste).
  3. Inspire it with a touch of Military.
  4. Mix it by hand (don’t over-mix! Keep it Casual).
  5. Garnish liberally with Accessories.
  6. Serve warm (preferably when the sun is shining).

Bon Appétit!