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I found these great sketchbooks in an MPH bookstore. Although I was looking for something A5 sized, the square sketchbook was just too cute to resist, so I bought them both. As you can see, they’re reasonably priced: MYR 16 for the square and MYR 20 for the A5. (Look at the numbers above the bar code.) Plus, they’re completely eco-friendly and made in Malaysia! How’s that – saving the environment *cough* *becauseicaresomuch* *cough* and supporting the local industry all in a single purchase.

Hmm...they don't say how many calories per page...

However, the best part about these books is the binding…

I’m partial to hardcover, hardbound sketchbooks, as contrasted from spiral-bound sketchbooks. There’s a certain reassuring solidness about hardcovers that spiral-bounds just can’t provide. A solid comfort, if you will. However, the problem with hardcovers is that the pages do not lie completely flat when opened. This makes it difficult for me to scan/photocopy my sketches. But these new sketchbooks solve all that.

Perfect for scanning!

By reducing the spine to the basic stitching, the pages can now lie completely flat in the scanner. Thus, I can now draw full, two-page spreads without being bothered by any distortions.

I’m really looking forward to customizing those blank chipboard covers…*whipsoutaSharpie*