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Today’s obssession with fashion: the ring on my finger. It cost MYR 10 from a new shop called Charmz on Asian Avenue (top floor, Sunway Pyramid mall, Kuala Lumpur). The shop’s opening sale contributed to the very sweet price. Awesome price for an awesome find. I fell in love with the gunmetal sheen and bypass design (I love couplets. I especially love shoving them in ya face *skadoosh*). It’s the sort of ring that matches every single black tee in your cupboard perfectly…and I should know, as I have a lot of them. Black tees, that is. A friend of mine was so taken with it that she even gave it a name… Here’s hoping that her name game combined with my own obsession doesn’t lead to some pathetic fallacy. (By the way, Flowy likes to be photographed so he’ll probably be making another appearance in the future.)